10 minutes

Tosymra® delivers migraine pain relief in as little as 10 minutes with just one spray for some patients (13% vs. 5% for placebo).*1-3

Give your patients options

Oral therapy may not be the optimal treatment for every migraine. See why Tosymra® uses the novel ingredient Intravail®.

Tosymra® achieved peak plasma concentration

8x faster than Imitrex® nasal spray4

Mean sumatriptan plasma concentration-time profile

Results from a randomized, crossover, pilot pharmacokinetic study conducted in 18 healthy adults.4 In this study, three AEs occurred with Tosymra® (vomiting, paresthesia and burning sensation in nose). Three AEs occurred with Imitrex® (sumatriptan) 20 mg nasal spray (nausea and throat irritation [two events]). All events were mild or moderate in intensity.5


Tosymra® uses the science of Intravail®

Tosymra® is the first and only triptan nasal spray to use the novel ingredient Intravail® to enhance drug absorption across the nasal mucosa.6

Controlled transient permeation of the nasal mucosa6

Intravail® is thought to facilitate paracellular absorption by transiently relaxing tight junctions, allowing drug access to systemic circulation, among other mechanisms.6-8

Nasal mucosa

Tosymra® is a sumatriptan nasal spray with mist-like administration

The safety profile of Tosymra® is generally consistent with that of subcutaneous injectable sumatriptan.


Most common adverse reactions (≥5% and > placebo) with sumatriptan injection were tingling, dizziness/vertigo, warm/hot sensation, burning sensation, feeling of heaviness, pressure sensation, flushing, feeling of tightness, and numbness.

Additional common adverse reactions with Tosymra® include the local irritative symptoms of application site reaction, dysgeusia, and throat irritation.


In a 6-month open-label, repeat-dose safety study designed to assess the safety and tolerability of Tosymra® in 167 adult patients, Tosymra® was well-tolerated, with a low rate of triptan-related adverse events (TEAEs).9 Over the course of the 6-month study, 3,292 doses of Tosymra® were used to treat 2,211 migraine attacks.10

Most common TEAEs
(≥5% of subjects)
Total events
Incidence per
individual dose5,9
Application site pain* 51 (30.5%) 568 17.3%
Dysgeusia 35 (21.0%) 232 7.0%
Upper respiratory tract infection 18 (10.8%) 24 0.7%
Nasopharyngitis 12 (7.2%) 13 0.4%
Sinusitis†† 11 (6.6%) 12 0.4%
Application site reaction 9 (5.4%) 32 1.0%
  • 5 patients (3%) discontinued due to adverse events.10
  • Overall, 2.9% of doses were associated with a triptan-related TEAE.10
  • The majority of triptan-related adverse events were mild; none were severe.9

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