Experiencing her first attack

Susan’s first migraine occurred in college “I wanted to cry. I was nauseous. I was very temperamental. I was getting very angry because I wanted everything to get quiet … Every move, everything just made me hurt more,” said Susan.

After a few more of these intense headaches, Susan went to a neurologist and was diagnosed with migraines.

With a name for what she was experiencing, Susan began her journey toward migraine pain relief. She was determined not to miss out on life anymore.

“I was in so much pain. It was unreal. And I would just go to bed.”

A support system to rely on

Susan’s husband has been there for her over the years as she’s tried new medications, preventive techniques, and more.

“A migraine is different from just a regular headache and my husband is so understanding when I have to be in bed for hours,” Susan said. “And that kills me when I know we could be out doing something; just taking a walk, anything. And I’m stuck because I feel like my head is going to fall off. So, it means the world that he is there to support me. Even though he doesn’t experience them, he’s there for me.”

“A migraine is different from just a regular headache”

A toolbox she can count on

Like many who experience migraines, Susan keeps a toolbox of medication on hand in case pain should strike unexpectedly. “I am open to try to see what works. And I am open to building my arsenal of medications and my toolbox of what I need.” It wasn’t until she tried Tosymra® that she felt her toolbox was complete.

“I’ve got a good setup and system of medications. I have a preventive, I have oral medications, I use injectables, and I have Tosymra®, a nasal spray treatment option. I always have what I need,” Susan says. “It’s so nice with Tosymra®, I can be in church, and the music will be bothering me because of a migraine. But I can just grab that Tosymra®. It opens very easily, it doesn’t make a racket when you’re opening it, like trying to get a pill out of a little foil. And I can just take it and I know that I am going to be OK.”

Tosymra® has helped Susan stay active and present in her daily life. “It just allows me to live my life, stay at work, and finish my day. I don’t have to call someone to come get me. Because of Tosymra®, I feel prepared for my migraines. I feel prepared to face the world. I’ve got what I need.”

“After [the first time I used Tosymra®] I laid down and 15-20 minutes later I felt better. And I was able to get up and do what I needed to do.”

Tosymra® is a prescription medicine used to treat acute migraine with or without aura in adults.

Tosymra® is not used to treat other types of headaches such as hemiplegic (that make you unable to move on one side of your body) or basilar (rare form of migraine with aura) migraines. Tosymra® is not used to treat cluster headaches.

Tosymra® is not used to prevent or decrease the number of migraines you have. It is not known if Tosymra® is safe and effective in children under 18 years of age.

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